Fall/Winter Season 2017/18

at Brooklyn Studios for Dance

Classes, Installations, Residencies & more!

August 2017– February 2018

Artists in Residence
Megan Curet
Brendan Drake
Kendra J. Ross
Emily Smith
Hadar Ahuvia
ADAPTABLE APPLE (Michelle Golden & Remi Harris)

Workshops & Special Events
AUTHENTICATE THIS, the workshop w/ Katie Workum
Contemporary Afro-Caribbean Dance w/ Kendra J. Ross
Poetry of Body, Object and Performance Workshop w/ Emily Smith
Dance Film; Deconstructed | w/ Emily Smith and Lucy Kerr
Israeli Folk Dance Workshops w/ Hadar Ahuvia
Shake Walk Showing w/ Kathy Westwater
Hustle Social w/ Alessandra Marconi
Painting Plus Collage: An intersection of Poetry and Music w/ Amanda Kelly Espiritu