BkSD reached a settlement with our now former landlord Cadman Memorial Congregational Church. The church sought to illegally evict BkSD because of the diverse and inclusive practices of our community. We moved out in February 2020 and are temporarily closed for all activities. Given the impact of COVID-19, we will remain dormant until we are able to find a way to rise again… and don’t worry, we took the sprung floor with us 😉

Photo: BkSD after renovation, 2015

Founded in April 2015, Brooklyn Studios for Dance was located inside the historic Cadman Memorial Congregational Church in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Inspired by a shared reverence for gathering space, the church congregation and the dance community entered a partnership to share a facility. Through a volunteer effort BkSD renovated the church’s defunct and unused gymnasium into a one-of-a-kind performance & studio space full of light and equipped with our very own homemade sprung dance floor – designed and built by our team. The mission of BkSD is to serve the professional art community while at the same time building a culture of local engagement that responds to the interests of both communities.

In over four years of operation BkSD has offered over 1,000 classes, workshops, presentations and performances to professional dancers and the residents of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. BkSD has served hundreds of teachers and artists, and thousands of participants. Read about how we came to exist: New York Times, 2015

For more information or questions contact Pepper Fajans, Executive Director, at pepper@bksd.org.

Photo: BkSD before renovation, 2014
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