Membership at Brooklyn Studios for Dance is a cooperative approach to creating and maintaining an arts organization.  The purpose of this membership is to share resources, expenses, and experiences through activities that promote self-reliance and creative inclusion. It is an art project of its own and it is our hope that it will bring people together.

Unlimited attendance of weekly class (includes some workshops)
30 days – $60 + 4 hours of work or $90 (no work)
Season (13 weeks) – $175 + 12 hours of work or $275 (no work)

Fall 2016 classes include:
Pilates // Klein // The Hustle // Ballet // Dance Caribbean Collective // Modern Mornings // POC Yoga
And more will be added soon…

Ways to contribute work to BkSD:
-Cleaning and maintaining the building
-Setting up events & performances or resetting afterward
-Proposing a project that interests you

Members may sign up for volunteer slots at Brooklyn Studios for Dance from on their first day of membership.  We hope to include in our membership anyone wanting to be involved in BkSD programming.  To propose a project write to