Ayurvedic Spring Renewal

Ayurveda, translated from Sanskrit as the Science of Life, originated centuries ago in India. It combines the wisdom of existence with achieving balanced health and is considered the oldest health care system still in practice today. Ayurveda goes beyond medicine − it is a way of life that is designed to bring the mind, body, soul and senses into balanced harmony.

Ayurvedic Spring Renewal
In this 8-week experiential course of study, K.J. and Regina will lead students into understanding their individual Dosha – personal constitution – through focused nutritional guidelines, herbs, yoga, meditation, self observation and reflection through visualizations and journaling. Each weekly meeting will focus on releasing and restoring the body through dietary focuses and exploring different chakras and practices designed to support the juncture from winter to spring. It is a beginning to being able to find health and self-balance in one’s life; to finding alignment to one’s essence and strengths.

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$550 – course fee & materials
Registration deadline: March 17th
Full price due on registration.
25% refund until March 20th

WEDNESDAY March 22, Begin self observation and journaling, send information forms
SUNDAY March 26 / 2 – 4 pm, Introduction and information session

WEDNESDAYS 6 – 9 pm:
March 29th / Chakra 1 – Earth, support, foundation, family
April 5rd / Chakra 2 – Water, flow, change, relationships
April 12th / Chakra 3 – Fire, will, action, self
April 19th / Chakra 4 – Air, touch, balance, love
April 26th / Chakra 5 – Space/ether, sound, communication, listening
May 3rd / Chakra 6 – Light, intuitition, trust, vision
May 10th / Chakra 7 – Mind, thought, meditation, higher self + POTLUCK! This class will end at 10 pm.

There will be optional yoga classes that are open to the public. Renewal participants get a discounted rate of $7 per class, $10 for the public.
Mondays 5:45 – 7:00 pm
3/27,  4/3,  4/10,  4/17,  4/24,  5/1,  5/8

K.J. Holmes is a Brooklyn based dance artist, teacher, body-worker, actor and vocalist. She graduated from the School for Body-Mind Centering (1995-99), Satya Yoga 2007 (teacher Sondra Loring)  and has been FullSizeRenderleading an annual Spring Cleanse and Renewal since 2000 under the guidance of Frank Jude Boccio. She currently is becoming a certified Ayurvedic nutritional conculstant at Ayurveda’s World NYC.  K.J. is adjunct faculty at NYU/Experimental Theatre Wing and Juilliard, teaches weekly through Movement Research, and travels nationally and internationally to teach, perform and direct. kjholmes.info
Photo: Sandra HongRegina is a Brooklyn-based Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Yoga instructor, living in NYC since 2004. In 2014 she received her certification in Ayurveda from the Kripalu School of Ayurveda followed by a 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Kripalu. Her love of Ayurveda and yoga has lead her to study within the US and India helping her to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience that she is enthusiastic about sharing with her clients and students. Currently she teaches yoga at Third Root Community Health Center and Urban Asanas. She is a member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and Yoga Allience member. Wolfmedicinemagic.com @wolfmedicinemagic